Webinar: The UFO Challenge by Robert Filocco

The Spiritual Meaning of the UFO Phenomenon

In this presentation, three areas of the phenomenon will be touched on, the technological, intrapsychic and ontological/spiritual. Special focus will be on the so-called abduction literature. Similarities between what Steiner called Ahrimanic and Luciferic beings and the appearance and apparent agendas of UFO beings will be explored via quotes from Steiner and modern-day experiencers. The role of more benevolent beings, the “Vulcans” will also be discussed. The connection of this phenomenon with the Ahrimanic agendas of transhumanism and AI will be examined, as well as the potential hybridization and future evolution of mankind. The dangers of three forms of materialism will be touched on, offering an alternative blending the best of the “new sciences” and traditional supersensory organic development.

Robert Filocco, after completing his advanced studies in Psychology, began his work in the field of mental health which has continued since 1986, most recently in private practice.  He has served as an adjunct professor of Psychology at several universities and colleges. Since his youth he has pursued interests in the paranormal, especially UFOs, publishing in The Bulletin of Anomalous Experience, Outer Limits Magazine, and related journals. He is also a children’s book author. Most recently he has pursued in depth reading and study of Rudolf Steiner, leading up to his recent paper “Steiner, Ahriman and UFOS” serving as the basis for the conference’s presentation.


Oct 27 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Zoom Webinar




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